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The Third Wheel (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Book 7) - Amulet Books

This book was about Greg Heffley going to prom and he went to prom and it basically turned his world upside down. He thinks that no one will take him on a date because no one like shim. But , he had a crush on this girl but the girl didn't like him at all. His best friend found a date but he didn’t and he felt left out. But, at the end everything turns out right.  

The connection of this book connected to me book because I want to go to prom but , I don’t think that I would want to go with anybody to prom or no one would want to go to prom with me. This story connects to text because in most Diary Of A Wimpy Kids books that I read I always see that there is always a problem with him about anything that he does. This story connects to the world because in the text Greg sometimes gets bullied and in thee word kids are being bullied.

Would I recommend this book ? Yes , I really would recommended this book to others because these books are funny and they are entertaining but over all they give a really good message and the encourage me too be confident.